If you're a cat owner, you've probably noticed that your feline friend likes to drink from places other than their water bowl. Maybe they take a sip from the bathtub spout or stick their paw in the toilet.

While it may seem weird to us, there's actually a reason why cats like to drink from these places. Keep reading to learn more about why cats seem to prefer drinking from anywhere other than their water bowl that we so generously provide.

One of the reasons why cats like to drink from the bathtub spout is because running or dripping water is more appealing to them than stagnant water. In the wild, cats prefer to drink from moving sources of water because it's more likely to be clean. When your cat drinks from the bathtub spout, they're just doing what comes naturally to them!

Another reason why cats prefer running water is that it's easier for them to lap up. Have you ever noticed how your cat sticks their tongue out while they're drinking?

That's because they're using their tongue as a sort of scoop to slurp up as much water as possible with each lap. When the water is moving, it's easier for them to get a good drink. Plus, they don't have to work as hard, which means they can drink more!

Another theory is that cats like the taste of running tap water because it's fresher than water that's been sitting in their bowl for hours (or even days). If you've ever left a glass of water out overnight, you know how stale it can taste in the morning. It's no wonder cats would prefer the taste of fresh tap water over stagnant bowl water!

Finally, some believe that cats enjoy drinking from the faucet because it's a form of mental stimulation. Cats are naturally curious creatures, and watching the running water can be mesmerizing for them. Additionally, the sound of running water may also be appealing to cats since they have sensitive hearing.

Now, about drinking from the toilet....even though the water may be clean at the time, it still seems gross to us. There are a few reasons for cats to do this. First of all, toilets are usually located in the bathroom, which is typically a quiet place where cats can enjoy a little peace and privacy.

Secondly, the water in the toilet bowl is usually cleaner than the water in their food bowl since it is occasionally flushed. And finally, cats just seem to enjoy the taste of toilet water! Who knows why. So if you see your cat taking a sip from the toilet, don't be alarmed - they're just doing what comes naturally to them.

If you have a cat who likes to drink from weird places, there's no need to worry. Just make sure they have plenty of fresh water available in their bowl, just in case, and they'll be fine!

If you would like to provide your cat with a cleaner and more interesting way to drink water, much less boring than just a water bowl, consider investing in a cat water fountain!

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