Sick cats can be a real source of worry. You want to do everything you can to make them feel better, but often times it’s hard to know what that means exactly. When you don't know what exactly is wrong, what do you do?

Get Them to a Vet ASAP

No matter what your cat is dealing with, your first step should always be to take them to the vet. Even if you think it could just be a minor cold or something similar, it is important for your vet to take a look and confirm this suspicion. They may even find something else going on under the surface that only a professional would recognize.

Plus, and this is really important if there is something more serious going on - early detection and treatment can help ensure a quicker recovery. If your cat has any sort of medical issue, then the sooner they get seen by a professional – the better!

The first step in treating any illness is being able to recognize its symptoms. Common signs of an unhealthy cat include lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, excessive urination or defecation, sudden weight loss/gain, hair loss, and changes in behavior.  

Additionally, there are certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of your cat becoming ill. These can include age (kittens and senior cats are more at risk), lifestyle (indoor vs outdoor cats), diet (low-quality food or not enough nutrients), environment (unsafe living conditions), and genetics (certain breeds are more susceptible).

If you notice any of these signs or risk factors with your kitty, as noted above, it’s important to take them to a vet as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

Monitor Their Eating Habits and Activity Level

If your cat is sick then you need to pay extra attention to their eating habits and activity level. If they aren’t eating as much as usual or not at all then this could be an indication of something more serious going on.

Similarly, if they are sleeping way more than normal or not showing interest in their usual activities – then these could also indicate that something isn’t right and it might be time for another vet visit. It is important for cats (and all animals) to stay hydrated so make sure that there is always fresh water available for them!

Keep Them Comfortable

When cats are feeling under the weather their primary goal in life becomes getting comfortable and staying that way. Make sure that wherever they choose to rest has plenty of soft bedding (a warm blanket works great), some cozy pillows/cushions, and preferably near a sunny window if possible!

Cats are also drawn to warmth so one trick many pet owners use if their kitty isn’t feeling well enough for a regular cuddle session is to simply run an electric heating pad on low heat next to their chosen napping spot. That way they have access to soothing heat without having to leave their bed!

Following these three simple steps can help ensure that you provide the best care possible when dealing with a sick cat - get them to a vet, monitor their eating habits & activity levels closely, and keep them as comfortable as possible while they recover. With these guidelines in mind – may your kitty make a speedy recovery from whatever ailment it may have!

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