It is a well-known fact that most cats hate water. Most cats will do just about everything in their power to avoid getting wet. But as any good cat parent knows, sometimes a bath is necessary. Perhaps your kitty got into something they shouldn't have, or they just need a good cleaning.

When the time does come to give your cat a bath, here are some tips for bathing your cat the right way.

Choose the right shampoo - not all shampoos are created equal, and you definitely don't want to use human shampoo on your cat. Look for a good shampoo that is specifically designed for cats that will be gentle on their skin. You may also want to consider a hypoallergenic shampoo if your cat has sensitive skin.

Get everything ready before you start - once you've chosen the right shampoo, make sure you have everything else you need before you start the bath. This includes a cup or pitcher for pouring water, a towel for drying off your cat, and a place to put them when they're done (preferably somewhere they can shake off well and can't escape).

Make the water lukewarm - cats absolutely hate cold water, so make sure the water in the tub or sink is lukewarm before you start pouring it over their head. If it's too cold, they'll likely panic and try to get away, which could lead to an accident. Think of your reaction to a really cold shower suddenly hitting you.

Go slowly - pouring water over your cat's head is probably not going to be their favorite thing in the world, so go slowly at first and make sure they're okay with it before you start pouring more water on them.

Rinse your cat thoroughly - once you have finished shampooing your cat, make sure you rinse all of the soap out of their fur. If there's soap left behind, it can irritate their skin and cause them to itch.

Dry them off immediately - cats hate being wet, so once you've rinsed all of the soap out of their fur, dry them off immediately with a towel. If you have a blow dryer, you can use that on the lowest setting to help speed up the process (just make sure not to hold it too close to their fur to avoid potential skin burns).

Give them a treat - let's be honest, baths are never going to be a fun experience for cats but you can sweeten the deal by giving them a treat afterward. A few pieces of kibble or a small scoop of wet food should do the trick!

Brush their fur - after their bath is done and they're all dried off, take a few minutes to brush their fur. This will help remove any excess hair that might be clinging to their damp fur and will make it easier for them to stay clean between baths.

Inspect their ears - last but not least, take a look at your cat's ears after their bath (ears can sometimes get gunky even if your cat doesn't go outside). If they look clean, you're all done!

Towel drying your cat after its bath is essential to preventing chill-related health problems! Be sure not to rub too hard - go slowly and support their weight as much as possible while gently drying them off.

While most cats hate baths, sometimes they are necessary in order to keep your kitty clean and healthy. By following these tips, you can make bath time as stress-free as possible for both you and your feline friend.

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