As a cat parent, you know that kittens can be quite... finicky. One minute they're purring and happy as can be, and the next they seem bored out of their mind. The key to keeping them entertained (and happy!) is to have a few go-to games for kittens that they enjoy (especially games that they play with you).

Here are 5 of our favorite kitten games.

1. The Classic String Trick

This one is a classic for a reason - it never fails to entertain! All you need is a length of string (or yarn) and you're good to go. Waving the string around for your kitten to follow is a great way to get them up and moving, and will definitely tire them out in no time. Just be sure to put the string away when you're done - cats love to play with string, but it can be dangerous if they eat it.

2. Hunting for Treats

This is a great way to not only keep your kitten entertained but also add a little bit of mental stimulation into their day. Hide a few small treats around the room (nothing too big or they'll get full before they find them all!) and let them hunt away. They'll love the challenge of finding their snacks, and you'll love watching them work for their food. Win-win!

3. The "Laser Pointer" Game

Cats love to chase things, so a game of "laser pointer" is always sure to please. All you need is a small beam of light (a penlight or keychain flashlight will work perfectly) and your kitty's undivided attention. Move the light around the room, letting your kitten chase it as long as they'd like. Just be careful not to shine the light directly into their eyes - that's not fun for anyone involved!

4. Boxes, Boxes, & More Boxes!

There's just something about boxes that cats can't resist - whether it's because they're perfect for hiding in or because they love the sound of cardboard crunching, we may never know. But one thing is for sure - if you have some spare boxes lying around, your kitten will love playing in them! Just make sure that any ribbon or paper attached to the box is removed before letting your kitten loose - we don't want any accidents happening.

5. "Fetch"

Okay, so technically cats don't really retrieve things like dogs do - but that doesn't mean that they can't have fun running after something! A small ball or toy mouse is the perfect thing to toss across the room for your kitty to chase after. They may not bring it back to you, but they'll definitely have a blast running after it! Just be sure that whatever you're using is small enough that there's no danger of them swallowing it - safety first!

These are just a few ideas to get you started - once you get to know your kitten's personality, you'll be able to come up with lots more games that they'll love. The most important thing is to have fun and bond - they'll appreciate your quality time together, even if it's just chasing a piece of string around the living room!

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