Looking for a great way to have fun with your dog? A good old-fashioned game of soft frisbee is always a blast, and now it’s even better with all of the great choices we have these days when purchasing dog frisbees. These are made specifically for dogs so they’re extra durable and perfect for hours of outdoor playtime.

The bright colors make them easy to see even in tall grass or murky water. Plus, the soft edges make them gentle on your furry friend’s teeth and gums. So grab one today and let the games begin!

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How We Pick the Best Dog Frisbee

With so many different types of dog frisbees on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your pup. It seems like every other week a new type of frisbee toy hits the shelves. How do you know which one is best for your dog? We've done the research for you and picked out the top 5 best dog frisbees based on durability, ease of use, and price.

X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc 8.75 Inch

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What We Like About It

The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc is the toughest canine flying disc on the market. Approved for competition use, this disc can withstand even the most determined dog.

The Jawz discs are made to stand up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc, making it the perfect choice for active play. The unique shape and weight make it easy for dogs to pick up and carry, while the wide rim provides added stability and control during flight.

One Minute Pet Tips

This disc is perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes and is made from durable fruit-themed material that will stand up to hours of playtime. Advanced aerodynamics make the Jawz Competition Dog Disc easy to throw, and your dog will love chasing after it again and again. This disc is built to last and provide hours of fun for your canine pal.

Soft & Safe On Dog's Teeth

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

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What We Like About It

This interactive dog toy is perfect for a game of fetch in the water, grass, or snow. Made from durable materials, it's built to withstand all the tough love your pup can dish out. And since it's easy to throw and catch, you'll both have a blast during your play sessions.

This durable frisbee is made from multilayer nylon, so it’s safe on your dog’s teeth and built to last. It’s also easy for your dog to pick up and carry, thanks to the built-in thumb grip. And because it’s interactive, it’s sure to keep your pooch engaged and entertained for hours on end.

One Minute Pet Tips

These interactive dog toys come in a pack of two, so there is always one on hand when your pup is feeling playful. They are also perfect for large dogs and medium dogs, so everyone can join in on the fun. The Flippy Flopper is made from durable material that will stand up to even the most enthusiastic play and abuse.

They are 9 inches in diameter, making them the perfect size for any pup. Not only is this frisbee engaging and fun for your pup, but it's also easy to spot in the grass thanks to its bright colors. This is a great choice and we believe these will hold up well under normal use.

Non-Toxic EVA Foam

ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer Dog Frisbee

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What We Like About It

Looking for a fun and durable fetch toy for your pup? We think the ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer Dog Frisbee is a solid choice. Made of a tough, multi-layer polyester canvas, this fetch toy is built to last.

Its bright colors will make it easy to spot, even when your dog is running at full speed. The aerodynamic design is perfect for long-distance games of fetch, and your pup will love chasing after this fun toy.

This durable flyer is made with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand vigorous play. It's perfect for a game of fetch at the park or in your backyard, and your dog will love chasing after it. It is also great for interactive playtime, and it might just become your dog's favorite toy.

One Minute Pet Tips

This frisbee is made of durable EVA foam and has a 3D polyester cover that is designed for long-distance flight. It also floats in water, making it perfect for playing at the pool, beach, or lake. The brightly colored design is also easy to spot, making it the perfect choice for an enjoyable game of fetch at the park.

Doubles As A Dog Bowl

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee

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What We Like About It

This high-flying disc is crafted with soft, floatable material that is also pliable and features curved edges for an easy grip.

It is super easy to throw, making it perfect for getting your pup or senior dog up and moving. The aerodynamic design ensures a high-flying performance, while the floatable construction means this frisbee can be used on water or land. It is soft and pliable, making it easy for your dog to catch. The curved edges also make it easy for your dog to grip.

One Minute Pet Tips

Made from patented Zogoflex material, the disc is soft on your dog's teeth and gentle on their gums, making it the perfect toy for those dogs that like to play rough. It is perfect for a game of fetch, and it's easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Made in the USA from recyclable, FDA-compliant materials, this frisbee is non-toxic and latex-free. It's also floatable. When done playing, simply flip the rubber frisbee over and it doubles as a travel pet bowl for food or water. We feel that this is a good buy and that you will be pleased with its performance.

Simple Soft Rubber Disc

KONG Flyer Durable Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy

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What We Like About It

Is your dog always begging you to play fetch? Make their dreams come true with the KONG Flyer! This durable rubber flying disc is perfect for an energetic game of fetch. The natural rubber construction makes for a softer, more forgiving catch, while the dynamic rebound design keeps the game going even if your pup misses the initial toss.

This flying disc is perfect for dogs who love to play fetch, and it's also great for encouraging lots of healthy exercise. With the KONG Flyer, your dog can play fetch to its heart's content - anytime, anywhere! This flyer is made from natural rubber, making it soft, flexible, and durable. Plus, the bright red color is sure to stand out during playtime.

One Minute Pet Tips

This durable rubber flying disc is specifically designed for large dogs weighing 30-65 pounds. There is also a version for smaller dogs.  It's perfect for an afternoon of fetching and retrieving, and its one-piece rubber construction means it will stand up to even the most enthusiastic chewers.

Made in the USA, it is safe for dogs to chew and play with. The unique design allows it to fly further and stay in the air longer, making it great for outdoor games of fetch. The flyer is also easy to clean and store, making it a great choice for busy pet parents.

Dog Frisbee FAQs

What is the best frisbee for a dog?

The best frisbee for a dog is one that is soft and light. This will make it easier for the dog to catch and will be less likely to cause injury if the dog misses the catch. Some other factors to consider when choosing a frisbee for your dog are the size of the frisbee and how easy it is to grip.

A larger frisbee may be easier for a larger dog to catch, while a smaller frisbee may be more maneuverable. If you plan on playing fetch with your dog, you'll want one that is easy to grip so you can throw it further.

What color frisbee is best for dogs?

Blue is the best color for frisbees to play with dogs because it is easiest for them to see. Dogs have better vision in the blue-violet part of the spectrum, so blue discs are easier for them to see than discs of other colors.

Of course, your dog may prefer some other color, so it's always a good idea to bring several different colors along when playing frisbee with your pet.

Do dogs need special frisbees?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the dog's individual preferences and chewing habits. Some dogs may prefer harder frisbees that are more difficult to chew up, while others may prefer softer frisbees that are easier to chew. It's up to the dog owner to experiment with different types of frisbees to see which ones their dog prefers.

Is frisbee good for border collies?

Yes, frisbee is good for border collies. Playing frisbee helps to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated, which can help to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. It also provides an opportunity for dogs to get some exercise, which is important for their health. While any dog can enjoy playing frisbee, it's especially well-suited for high-energy breeds like border collies.

Can you use a regular frisbee with a dog?

Yes, you can use a regular frisbee with a dog, but it's important to be careful. Dogs love to play catch, and a frisbee is a fun toy for them, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Always make sure that the frisbee is soft enough that it won't hurt your dog if he catches it wrong or accidentally swallows it. Also, be careful not to throw the frisbee too high or too far; you don't want your dog to run into traffic trying to catch it! Try to keep an eye on your dog when he's playing with the frisbee. Some dogs get so caught up in the game

Why do dogs love frisbee?

Dogs love frisbee because it's a fun activity that they can do with their human companions. Dogs have an innate desire to please their dog owners, and playing frisbee is a great way to bond with your pup. It's also a good way to get your dog some exercise, which is important for their health.

How do I choose a good frisbee?

When choosing a frisbee, you'll want to consider the type of material it's made out of, its weight, and its size. Most are made out of either plastic or foam. Plastic frisbees are heavier and more durable than those made from foam, but they can be harder to throw and catch. Foam frisbees are lighter and easier to throw and catch, but they can also be damaged more easily.

The weight of a frisbee is important because it determines how easy it is to throw and catch. Heavier discs are generally easier to catch but harder to throw, while lighter ones are the opposite.

How do dogs navigate to catch frisbees?

Dogs use a variety of cues to navigate and catch frisbees. One primary cue is the angle of the sun. Dogs can also use their sense of smell to track the frisbee's trajectory, and they may also be able to hear the sound of the frisbee flying through the air. By using all of these cues, dogs are able to position themselves in just the right spot to catch a frisbee!

Is it hard to teach a dog to catch a frisbee?

No, it's not hard to teach a dog to catch a frisbee. It just takes some patience and plenty of positive reinforcement. You'll need to start by teaching your dog how to sit and stay. Once your dog has mastered those commands, you can begin working on the frisbee.

Start by throwing the frisbee a short distance and rewarding your dog with a treat each time he or she catches it. As your dog becomes more comfortable catching the frisbee, gradually increase the distance. And be sure to keep praising your pup for his or her efforts! With a little bit of practice, your furry friend will be catching frisbees like a pro!

How do you introduce a dog to a frisbee?

The best way to introduce a dog to a frisbee is to start off slowly. Begin by tossing the frisbee gently toward your dog and rewarding them with a treat when they catch it. As your dog becomes more comfortable with catching the frisbee, you can start throwing it farther and faster. Remember to always praise your dog when they make a successful catch!

Is frisbee mentally stimulating for dogs?

There's a lot of debate on whether or not playing frisbee with dogs is mentally stimulating for them. Some people say that it's a great way to give dogs some exercise and keep them mentally stimulated, while others claim that the game can actually be quite frustrating for dogs and can lead to problems such as aggression or obsessive-compulsive behavior.

The truth is that playing frisbee with your dog can be a great way to bond with them and give them some exercise, but you should always be aware of your dog's personality and temperament before attempting it.

If your dog seems to get agitated or frustrated when playing frisbee, then it might be best to try other activities that are more stimulating for him.

What frisbee do they use in dog competitions?

The frisbee they use in dog competitions is called a "disc". It is designed to fly further and faster than a traditional frisbee. Flying discs are made of durable plastic and are slightly concave so that they fly more accurately. They come in a variety of colors and are available in different sizes, depending on the breed of dog you are training.

Some discs have built-in handles for easier throwing, while others are designed to be gripped like a football. Whichever type you choose, make sure it is comfortable for you to hold and throw.

What frisbees do professionals use?

There are a few different frisbees that professionals use. Each pro has their own theory about what works best, so they tend to choose frisbees based on the dog's temperament, coordination, and other factors. The five we have reviewed in this article are all great for getting started, and some are actually used by pros as well.

How do you teach a dog to do a disc trick?

There are a few different ways to train a dog to do a disc trick. One way is to start by teaching the dog how to fetch. Once the dog has learned how to fetch, you can then start teaching them how to catch the disc. Finally, once the dog has mastered catching the disc, you can start teaching them how to do tricks with it.

One of the best ways to train a dog is by using positive reinforcement. This means rewarding your dog every time they do something correctly. For example, you can give them a treat every time they catch the disc or perform a trick correctly. This will help motivate your dog and make training more enjoyable for both of you.

What's the most durable dog frisbee?

The most durable dog frisbee, in the opinion of many, is the Kong Flyer. We reviewed this dog frisbee earlier in this article. It's made of a tough rubber compound that bounces and floats high, making it perfect for games of fetch. The Flyer is also easy to clean - simply rinse it off with soap and water.

How can I get my dog to like a frisbee?

  1. Start by playing with your dog using a frisbee that is made for dogs. There are different types of frisbees available on the market, and most dogs prefer soft rubber ones.
  2. Next, toss the frisbee close to your dog and encourage him to catch it. As he catches it, give him lots of praise and rewards. Once your dog is comfortable catching the frisbee, start tossing it further away and increase the level of difficulty gradually.
  3. Remember to always stay safe while playing with your dog. Make sure there are no hazards in the area where you plan to play, and never throw the frisbee at your dog's head.

Is frisbee bad for my dog?

There is no definitive answer to this question since dogs can react differently to playing Frisbee. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do choose to let your dog play frisbee.

Make sure your dog is well-hydrated before and after playing frisbee, as the activity can lead to dehydration. Second, avoid throwing the frisbee too high or too hard, as this could cause injuries to your dog's mouth or joints. Finally, take a break from playing frisbee with your dog every now and then to give him a break from the activity. This will help reduce the risk of injuries.

One Minute Recommendation

If you're looking for a fun activity to do with your dog, consider giving frisbees a try. Given all the choices you have, there is surely a frisbee out there that's perfect for every dog and owner.

The five dog frisbees we have reviewed in this article are all, we feel, great choices to get started with! Be sure to check the size, weight, and durability before making your purchase so you can get the most bang for your buck - and keep your pup safe.

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