Have you ever wondered what your cat is thinking or why they do the things they do? Cats are mysterious creatures, and their behavior can often be difficult to understand. To help us learn more about our feline friends, we’re going to take a look at some of the most fascinating facts about cat behavior. Here are 10 surprising things you may not have known about cats.

1. Cats communicate with different vocalizations. Meow, purr, and hiss are just some of the ways cats communicate with other cats and humans alike. There are also a variety of other sounds cats make like chirping, trilling, and growling that all have different meanings depending on the situation.

2. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day! That’s right - cats love their sleep! A good night’s rest is important for kitties so they can stay healthy and alert while they explore their surroundings during waking hours.

3. Cats use scent marking to communicate with other cats in their environment. This involves rubbing against objects as well as spraying urine or feces around areas that they want to claim as their own territory.

4. It’s not uncommon for cats to knead with their paws when feeling content or relaxed - especially when being petted by their owners! Kneading is thought to be a way for cats to show affection towards people or other animals in their homes by making them feel comfortable and secure.

5. When it comes to playing games, cats prefer toys that involve movement and mimic prey items like birds or mice because this is how they would hunt in the wild! Toys that make sounds or light up can also be fun options for active kitties who enjoy chasing after something new every now and then.

6. If you’ve ever noticed your cat licking its fur a lot, it could mean one of several things - including that it has fleas or allergies! A visit to the vet will help determine if this is something serious that needs treatment right away so don’t hesitate if you think your cat may need medical attention due to excessive licking/scratching behaviors.

7. While many people think that meowing only happens when a cat wants something from its owner (like food!), this isn't always true - sometimes meowing is simply a way for cats to get attention from humans or other animals in the home!

8 . Cats are incredibly curious by nature. This means they like exploring new places, climbing onto furniture/counters, and finding hidden spots for naps during the day (or night!). Just make sure these areas are safe for kitty before letting them explore too much on their own!

9 . Cats can recognize certain words - like “treats” - and will come running when hearing them spoken aloud by an owner or family member who knows what makes them happy!

10 . Most housecats actually prefer wet food over dry food because it contains more moisture which helps keep them hydrated - plus it tastes better too! Wet food also tends to provide more protein than dry food which keeps kitties healthy and strong throughout life's adventures!

All cats have unique personalities and behaviors that require understanding from both humans and felines alike in order to build strong relationships between species (and within households).

We hope these facts give you some insight into why your kitty acts the way it does - whether it's sleeping 15 hours a day or kneading its paws while lying on your lap - so that you can appreciate its mysteriousness even more as time goes on! Now go give your furry feline some extra love today – it deserves it!

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